Saturday, June 24, 2006


Pushed against the kitchen counter, his hands quickly free my breasts from my top. One hand wraps in my hair. My head is pulled back as I'm told to lift my skirt. I can feel the artist's cock hot and hard against me as he teases my nipples. He lets go of my body briefly before putting a hand in the center of my back. Pushing me down towards the counter, he steps close behind me and slides his cock deep inside. Fast, smooth strokes in and out of my eager pussy. Ours sounds taking the place of any other kitchen-like thought.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wake-up Call

Like most couples, busy daily lives can sometimes take the focus. The Artist's job keeps him busy traveling. When he is home, our schedules don't often match. We've learned to make the most of our overlapping times. My favorite has to be his way of waking me up. Long before I even begin contemplating conciousness he starts stroking my body. Light feathery touches of his fingers, lips, and tongue pull responses from me even in sleep. As I start to get more aroused his fingers find their way into my pussy, stroking and teasing me into readiness. I am usually fully awake as he parts my legs, thrusting his cock deeply into me. It's amazing to feel him hard and hot inside me! Each stroke bringing me closer to the edge. Feeling each smooth ridge of his cock as he pulls almost completely out is enough to have me gasping for more. This isn't a fast fuck or a slow seduction. It is somewhere in between...a wanting.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The other present...

For future reference: Ben Wa balls are completely able to pass through airport security, if buried securely in a willing pussy.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


We balance each other out well. Where he's a perfectionist, I'm easy going. When I start worrying and stressing, he's a goof. But sexually, we are great! I tend to be submissive, though not all the time. He loves this. He also enjoys teasing me. Our trip here for example: just before leaving for the airport a package of toys arrived. I'd been excitedly waiting for a new pyrex dildo we'd picked out, but there were other things in the box. Before I could get my hands on them he whisked them away, stashing them in my carry-on. He adores watching me squirm! I'm not shy, about my sexuality or my kink, but I do have this thing about not shocking unknowing strangers. In my book airport security counts. He just stood back and tried, unsuccessfully, to cover a laugh when the guard eyed the contents of my bag in the scanner and then grinned at me.

Two days into our NYC visit and I'd still not been allowed into the carry-on. He wanted to keep the new toys a surprise. I had no idea what he was up to when we headed out on the town. We were going to do the tourist thing and walk until we were lost or until we found the funky local hangouts. We wandered a while before stopping in a small boutique. I'd found a gorgeous lace-up sundress and wanted to try it on. As I was heading to the changing room he stopped me. Giving me a quick kiss and a grin, he handed me a small package. He told me to change into these as he pushed me into the dressing room. I tore into the tissue paper as soon as I'd closed the door. Panties. He wanted me in a black, satin v-string. They were pretty with a chain of pearls as the string leading down to a satin covering over just a bit of my pussy. Slipping them on I had to adjust the pearls as they nestled between my ass cheeks and down to my pussy. I completely forgot about the dress. As we were leaving the store his hand wandered down my back to brush over the shape of the pearls through my low riding pants.

Our next stop was a bookstore he'd found on a previous visit, but first there was a subway ride. It was already packed when we boarded. It gave me the perfect excuse lean back against him. As the train started moving I felt a vibration in my panties. He wrapped an arm around my waist and held something up for me to look at. A remote control. The panties had a small, but powerful, vibrator in them. He pocketed the remote again, keeping the vibe on. As the ride continued he turn it on and off. In fact, he continued teasing me with various settings on the vibe for quite a while even after we'd left the subway. Before we made it to the bookstore I was climbing the walls! I was begging for him to either stop, or continue long enough for me to come. With a laugh and a smack on my ass he turned off the vibe. Not the choice I wanted, but it would let me explore the bookstore in peace.

I'm not sure how long I was lost in the bookstore, but I was completely oblivious to the world by the time he found me again. I was off in a corner between two large book stacks, completely engrossed in a lovely leatherbound reproduction when the vibrations started again. Stronger this time, much stronger! I would have dropped the book if he hadn't come to stand behind me and catch the book by pressing me against the shelves. One of his hands cupped my breasts, teasing the nipples through my thin bra and tank. His other hand was between my thighs, pressing the vibe harder against my clit. He warned me not to make noise and then turned the vibe up a little bit more. I was so hot and worked up! My fingers curled into the shelves as I shamelessly pressed my ass back against him. My clit was on fire! Every nerve was now focused on coming - hard. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying desperately not to moan aloud. Being quiet is always the hardest thing for me! Turning to face him I whispered how close I was. He turned the vibe to the highest setting and pulled me close for a kiss. I clung to him, grinding against the buldge of his cock as I came. My pussy clenching and tightening hungrily. His hands tightening in my hair as he kissed me forcefully, catching any sounds I'm sure I made.

I need to thank him again for those panties!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fucking The Teacher

She's waiting, ready for me when I open the door of our hotel room. I'd stayed for an extra drink at the bar, and left her with instructions before she left. I'd expected her to be showered, shaved and dressed when I come up. Her new toys had arrived just before we left for the airport and I'd made her carry them in her carry-on. I like to torture her sometimes like that. I make her wear short skirts when we go out, and sit legs-apart with no underwear in restaurants, and at basketball games.

She looks up from the TV as I approach the bed. She looks good in leather, and fabulous in her open-breasted corset. I sit on the edge of the bed, and have her sit between my knees on the floor. I pull her hair into a ponytail and slip her collar around her neck. We have a regular boyfriend/girlfriend relationship most of the time but she knows when the collar goes on, she's a fuck-toy. I snap on the chain, and lead her around the room a few times, before indicating she stand still while I bind her arms. I lay her face down on the bed, facing the TV and flicked to hotel-porn. She doesn't resist when I take out the leg spreader, because she knows she'll be punished. I cuff her ankles and attached them to the bar. Sitting beside her I corkscrew my index and forefinger and start finger-fucking her. She moans softly as I enter her, damp already and moving her hips in time to my fingers. She has a fabulous ass, so I can't resist giving it a slap. When I decide she's wet enough, I stand and disrobe. It's an amazing thing to witness, you know, a busty red-head completely and willingly helpless, face down with her legs spread wide open. I kneel behind her and pull her towards me, as I push my cock inside her and slowly, very slowly start to fuck her. My arm around her neck, I pull her completely upright so I'm fucking her from below. I cup her breast and pinch the nipple hard as I lay back. She moves in time with me, almost sitting on my cock now. I grab her hair and pull hard. Her moaning quickens and gets louder, so I cover her mouth with my hand, stifling her. She really does have the sweetest pussy I've ever had my cock in. I can feel she's close to coming, but I'm not ready yet. I push her forward and withdraw. Hmm. She doesn't need poppers anymore, her ass is well trained, and her pussy juice is lubricant enough for me. I push her ass cheeks wide apart and slide my cock almost effortlessly into her asshole. She's face down on the bed, with her ass in the air being ridden hard, whether she likes it or not. I can feel myself starting to come, so I quicken my strokes. She's moaning in pleasure and pain at once as I come inside her ass.